Editing Techniques Used By Georges Melies Essay

Editing Techniques Used By Georges Melies Essay

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Art can be traced to the pre-historic era; it has evolved from pre-historic art to contemporary art. Over the centuries art has changed and taken various forms, under this huge spectrum comes Film. which is rather a new form of art. It has become a means of creative expression as well as performing the purposes of mass media such as providing the audiences with information, transmission of culture and amusement.
The aim of the essay is to look at early cinema and compare and contrast between the editing techniques used by various filmmakers. The essay will look at editing techniques the French Filmmaker Georges Méliès’ applied in his films A Trip to The Moon and The Vanishing Lady, as I move forward I will look at American Filmmakers and their films such as Edwin Porter’s The Great Train Robbery and D.W Griffith’s Birth of a Nation and finally move to Russian Cinema in which I will look at Sergei Eisenstein’s Strike . Editing is the procedure of linking separate shots together in a sequence in order to produce a clear narrative film. Editing comprises of creativity and often falls under the spectrum of art.
During the nickelodeon era, filmmakers faced an obstacle which was that audiences were unable to comprehend the temporal, spatial and causal relations in many of their films. Thompson and Bordwell states “If the editing repeated actions, the spectator might not grasp that the same event was being shown twice.” Hence, the audience is unable to receive the meaning of a crucial action.
Film auteurs came to understand that a film should guide the spectator’s attention and should be clear for the audience to understand. “Editing was a boon to the filmmaker, permitting instant movement from one space to another or cuts to close...

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...al and emotional responses. Their films sought to portray both the inhumanity of czarist rule and the revolutionary potential, daily labors, and communal bonds of the Soviet people.” “Eisenstein came to be known as the father of the montage where he would juxtapose symbolic or metaphoric images within the narrative for the purpose of manipulating the audience’s psychology.” An example of this occurs in his film Strike! Eisenstein uses intercuts shots of cattle being slaughtered in a slaughterhouse to symbolize the massacre being committed by the police on the factory workers and their families. Other examples of dialectical montage includes Sergei Eisenstein’s The Battle of Potempkin and Dziga Vertov’s A Man With a Movie Camera (1929)
In conclusion, Editing has evolved over time and has influenced other filmmakers to approach editing differently and try new things.

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