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The Edge Project was a combined project between the Australian Government Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS) and Centrelink in order to develop a professional system for the Family Assistance Office (FAO). It was a processing application, for the administration of claims and payments for people applying for entitlement to family-related payments. However, SoftLaw is a private sector company that supplied software and expertise for the development. Thus, the ANAO considers whether management of the project, and decisions made during the project, were in accordance with better practice for the Edge project. This paper discusses, how this project covers the success factors and provides some evidences to support the results.

1. Proper detailed planning:
A Detailed plan is the list of the tasks and activities that must be done to reach a milestone or generate a deliverable. As long as the overall Project Initiation Plan is in a critical level, detailed plans are at the critical level and function based on the work plan for each team member. Planning is a process t...

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