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Edge of Obession Essay

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Grace felt more welcomed this time around than she did in all seven years of her attendance at Hogwarts. She felt at home now, and she was quite happy working alongside Professor Lupin. He was a kind and gentle man who had a real knack for teaching. But once the students left his class he had a look about him as if he were hiding something deep. “Professor, are you well?” Grace asked curiously.

Remus nodded “Yes, just lost in my thoughts Miss Hewitt” He smiled tenderly at her and they prepared for their next class. She enjoyed taking part in his class and he was very bright. Lupin seemed like a natural teacher and she hoped that he would be the permanent defense against the dark arts professor even if it meant she wouldn’t be.

“That’s a very lovely record, professor” She said referring to the music that was playing, it was upbeat and catchy. “Ah yes, I found it in a quaint little shop in Diagon Alley” Remus told her as he looked back at the record player.

Grace shrugged absentmindedly, “I don’t shop very much” she admitted but she quickly regretted it. Remus climbed down the stairs and leaned on one of the desks. He stared at her with interest; she was a strange woman, nothing like he’d ever seen. She was brilliant and very humble and soft spoken. It was rare for her to raise her voice but it didn’t stop the Slytherins from pushing her buttons. She got along with all the other teachers and almost all the students.

“Why is that?” he asked. “I prefer to make things myself” She replied almost quietly when the door opened and the students strolled into the class room. He gave her a smile before acknowledging his students who were eagerly eying the rattling wardrobe.


The fill moon always made Remus nervous, there was alw...

... middle of paper ...

... walked him he smelled the gentle hint of lavender and lemon. How would he bring up that he knew she was out of the castle? How could he put it to her without releasing his furry little secret?
Remus took a chance and cut to the chase, “Miss Hewitt, were you walking outside the castle last night?” he asked and she looked up at him blankly for a moment and nodded. “Now that you mention it, yes I was. I couldn’t really sleep so I went for a long walk. Did you see me professor?” Grace asked in return, still feigning innocence.

“I did see you, please be careful Miss Hewitt. There are all kinds of monsters out there especially at night” he pleaded and silently prayed that she wouldn’t ask about the monsters. Her lips curved into a smile that reached her bright green eyes. She promised to be more careful and moved to fix him a cup of tea while she insisted he relax.

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