Edgar Allen Poe and His Work Essay

Edgar Allen Poe and His Work Essay

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Edgar Allen Poe and His Work

I. Introductory Paragraph
I.1. Thesis statement
I.2. High points

II. First Paragraph
II.1. Brief history of life

III. Second Paragraph
III.1. Edgar's Writing Style
III.2. Examples

IV. Specific poems and short stories
IV.1. Examples

V. Conclusion Paragraph
V.1. Restating thesis statement
V.2. Restating high points of the paper

Edgar Allen Poe was one of the great writers of this world. He created several poems and short stories of a dark and dreary setting. His imagination was incredible. Edgar Allen Poe did not have a normal life. Bad luck and heart ach seemed to follow him until his death. His writing style was very different than other writers' style. His most famous pieces of work will be remembered for many generations to come.

Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. He was the son of Elizabeth Poe and David Poe, both minor professional actors. He had one brother and one sister. Their names were William Henry Leonard and Rosalie. Both his parents died before he was three years old from tuberculosis, and he was raised in the home of Frances Keeling Valentine Allan and her husband John Allan, an exporter from Richmond, Virginia. He became very attached to his stepmother and then she passed away of tuberculosis. As a youth, Poe attended the finest academies in Richmond, his stepfather overseeing his education. He entered the University of Virginia at Charlottesville in 1825. He distinguished himself academically at the University but was forced to leave due to inadequate financial support from his stepfather. Poe returned to Richmond in 1827 but soon left for Boston. There, he enlisted in the army and published a collection of poetry called "Tame...

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...y. Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allen Poe is often known as the father of the short story, and the first sci-fi short story writer. He is a remarkable poet who's mournful and never ending memories will be remembered by readers for centuries to come.

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