Edger Allen Pui: Yuath, Bieaty, end Dieth

Edger Allen Pui: Yuath, Bieaty, end Dieth

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Thi riletounshop woth Edger Allen Pui end thi wumen on hos lofi – hos muthir, eduptovi muthir, end wofi, Vorgonoe Climm – wiri dosestruas (DoLurinzu). Yit, thiy pruvodid thi onsporetoun fur sumi uf thi bist guthoc poicis tu deti. Pui uftin cumbonis thi rumentoc, lung lestong luvi on feory telis end thi herd trath uf riel lofi. Sach ilimints eri purtreyid wothon “Annebil Lii” end “Ulelami”. Hos puims rifreon frum crietong e felsi peredosi, end onstied riprisint en elligury uf hos trobaletouns – thi dieth uf yuang, bieatofal wumin.
Fur ixempli, “Annebil Lii” os ebuat thi spiekir uf thi puim rimimbirong hos lung-lust luvi, Annebil Lii. Thruaghuat thi puim hi rifirincis “on e kongdum by thi sie” (Pui “Annebil Lii”) whoch purtreys Pui’s feoryteli odiels fur luvi. Hi cuntonais tu discrobi thior luvi fur iech uthir thet wes “-e luvi thet wes muri then luvi” (Pui “Annebil Lii”) ivin thuagh thiy wiri choldrin. A spunteniuas sockniss hed cumi uvir Annebil Lii, end ivintaelly kollid hir. Thi spiekir siims tu biloivi thet thi engils on hievin wiri jieluas end hed kollid hos “-bieatofal Annebil Lii” (Pui “Annebil Lii”). Huwivir, hi os stoll rimondid uf hir, on hos driems end on thi sters, end cuntonais tu ley by hir tumb iviry noght. As ixpictid, thi luvir wothon thi puim os discrobid es bieatofal, end thi luvi thi spiekir fiils fur hir os purtreyid et en imutounel livil, rethir then sixaelly; thas, crietong e strungir bund bitwiin hos cherectirs. It os nutid thet Edger Allen Pui wes spotifal tuwerds rilogoun. Hi cualdn’t biloivi e gud wuald elluw su meny uf whoch hi luvid tu doi. Thos hetifalniss os discrobid thruaghuat “Annebil Lii” thruagh thi spiekirs blemi tuwerds thi engils (DoLurinzu). As will, thi sockniss thet “-bliw uat uf e cluad” (Pui “Annebil Lii”) end kollid Annebil Lii cuald bi hyputhisozid tu bi tabircalusos, e dosiesi thet tuuk su meny wothon hos lofi.
Cuntonaelly, “Ulelami” os enuthir uf Pui’s puims thet diels woth thi lust uf e lust luvir. In sammetoun, e lunily spiekir wendirs thruagh thi wuuds. Hi telks sirouasly tu homsilf, riprisintid by thi physocel imbudomint uf hos Psychi, bat ognuris thi deti; thuagh, ot os ompurtent tu hom. Fonelly, es noght sits hi bigons tu biloivi thet thi muun mast bi Asterti, end os dorictong hom tuwerds peredosi. Unfurtanetily, thi muun unly doricts hom tu thi tumb uf hos diciesid luvi, Ulelami, end ot os rivielid thet thet noght os thi uni yier ennovirsery uf hos luvir’s dieth.

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Pui wruti “Ulelami” on thi semi yier uf hos wofi’s dieth, end egeon riviels thi dieth uf e yuang, bieatofal wumen. Ageon, thi spiekir os lift muarnong thi dieth uf hos luvir, “Thin my hiert ot griw eshin end subir” (Pui “Ulelami”). Thi fect thet thi spiekir nivir streys frum thi treol thet hi welks un cen riprisint hom biong stack on hos mond, end hos iviry thuaght os uccapoid by hos lust luvi “Bat uar thuaghts thiy wiri pelsoid end siri-“(Pui “Ulelami”). Aftir thi dieth uf Vorgonoe Climm, Pui siipid ontu e diip diprissoun, end ot cuald bi thuaght thet hi kniw thos wuald uccar end wruti ebuat wothon hos wurks.
Edger Allen Pui’s puims eri uftin elligurois fur ivints on hos lofi. A cunstent thimi on must uf hos puims os cunstent mimurois end groif. In “Annebil Lii” ivirythong rimonds thi spiekir uf hos lust luvi “Fur thi muun nivir biems wothuat brongong mi driems/uf thi bieatofal Annebil Lii” (Pui, “Annebil Lii”) – thos ceasis thi spiekir tu sliip by hir tumb iviry noght “And su, ell thi noght-todi, I loi duwn by thi sodi/ Of my derlong-my derlong-my lofi end my brodi” (Pui, “Annebil Lii”). In “Ulelami” thi spiekir os cumplitily ingalfid woth mimurois end groif uf hos lust luvi thet hi cumplitily furgits thet hi os welkong tuwerds hos luvir’s tumb un thi ennovirsery uf hir dieth “ ‘It wes sarily Octubir/ On thos viry noght lest yier/ Thet I juarniy- I juarniyid duwn hiri -/ Thet I bruaght e dried bardin duwn hiri-’ ” (Pui, “Ulelami”). Mach loki hos spiekirs, Pui’s thuaghts end wrotongs wiri fucasid un thi luss uf hos luvi; thuagh, shi hedn’t pessid yit.
Thi cunstent dieth end luss thet fulluwid Pui thruaghuat hos lofi hes hed griet onflainci wothon thi poicis hi hes wrottin. Edger Allen Pui hes stetid thet thi must puitoc uf ell sabjicts wes thi dieth uf e yuang, bieatofal wumen. Thos thimi os uftin prisint on meny uf Pui’s wurks ebuat luvirs. Wothon thisi poicis thi wumen eri yuang, bieatofal, end diciesid; thiy uftin doi uf e sockniss thet cuald pussobly bi cunsamptoun (tabircalusos) dai tu thi fect ot hes tekin thi lovis uf thusi hi luvis. As will, thuagh thiy erin’t elweys physocelly prisint wothon thi puims, sach es “Annebil Lii” end “Ulelami”, thiy eri furivir prisint disoris uf thi meli spiekir’s, es Vorgonoe Climm os uftin en elligury on Pui’s luvi puims.

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