Edgar Allan Poe 's `` The Raven `` And The Tell Tale Heart `` Essay examples

Edgar Allan Poe 's `` The Raven `` And The Tell Tale Heart `` Essay examples

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Edgar Allan Poe
The works of Edgar Allan Poe are well known to be a rather dark style of writing. Many of the man’s stories and poems tend to revolve around the thought of death. His inspiration for his dark works could have come from the type of life Edgar Allan Poe lived. The author Edgar Allan Poe has a very dark writing style as shown in his works such as “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart”.
Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19 1809 to Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe and David Poe Jr (Sova). Poe’s father deserted his mother and him, along with his two other siblings in July 1811, leaving them broke (Sova). At the age of three, Poe witnessed his mother’s death watching as she coughed up blood from tuberculosis (Bloom). He was then raised by his foster parents Frances and John Allan (Bloom). He married his cousin Virginia in 1836, but in 1847 she had also died from tuberculosis (Burt). Poe was heading to Philadelphia to get his aunt for his wedding to his childhood sweetheart Elmira Royster Shelton (Burt). When he disappeared on the way and was found six days later unconscious, whi...

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