Essay about Edgar Allan Poe 's The Castle Of Otranto : A Gothic Story

Essay about Edgar Allan Poe 's The Castle Of Otranto : A Gothic Story

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The genre of English literature known as Gothic first appeared widespread in the late seventeen hundreds with the publishing of “Horace Walpole 's The Castle of Otranto: A Gothic Story” in which the Genre received its name. This novel quickly grew the popularity of the genre and brought it to the masses. Throughout the rest of this century, many new authors emerged and gained popularity by writing in this genre. At the turn of the next century, a new author known as Edgar Allan Poe completely revolutionized the genre by exploring different aspects of the "dark" side of the imagination. Poe was able to do this by writing about the phsycological and conscious aspects of the brain and literature ("The Gothic Experience" 1-4). Hundreds of years after Edgar Allan Poe passed away, the gothic genre of literature continues to thrive with Stephen King being one of the most influential modern gothic authors. Stephen King 's works have expanded beyond written literature with many of his works being made into full-length feature films (Spooner 1-30). Although Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King 's works are similar in many aspects, the works of Stephen King would have never occurred without the influence of Poe.
Due to how Edgar Allan Poe 's life experiences influenced his writing, he completely changed the way in which gothic authors wrote literature. Edgar Allan Poe 's early childhood was completely turned upside down when his parents passed away when he was at the age of three and he was subsequently separated from his siblings. Poe was forced to move into the home of a wealthy family whose vast fortune came from growing tobacco. Poe had always wished to become an author even though his new guardians wanted him to follow in their footsteps....

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...telepathic powers" (Berner 1-3).
Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King are both gothic authors that explore similar elements of the genre. One can see many similarities between the two author’s style including concepts such as horror, mystery, and revenge, though each author is able to keep their individual touches. During his time, Poe innovated the genre by being one of the first to write mystery and crime stories. Poe was heavily influenced by the tragic events that occurred in his life including losing his parents, being separated from his siblings, losing his wife, suffering from poverty, and being addicted to alcohol. Unlike Poe, King experienced less tragedy throughout his life and took much influence from the works of Poe and other great authors. Without the works of Poe, Stephen King works would have never been the same and possibly would have not been written.

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