Ed Sheeran´s Road to Fame Essay

Ed Sheeran´s Road to Fame Essay

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22-year-old British musician, Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran, was born on February 17, 1991 in Halifax, United Kingdom. Ed grew up in Framlingham, Suffolk, England. Ed Sheeran is a talented musician because of the experiences the musician had growing up. The musician's father, John, was an art curator and mother, Imogen Lock, was an art curator and later started a jewelry making business. Imogen sang in a church choir exposing Ed to singing. An uncle gave Ed a guitar at the age of 10. While first learning to play the guitar Ed's father took the singer to concerts across England.
After the concerts, Ed returned home and became serious about music. Soon after, Ed developed an acoustic folk pop rap sound. The musical influences for the sound came from the parent’s record collection including musicians such as The Beatles, Van Morrison, and Joni Mitchell and 1990s rap. At 11-years-old, the young man met idol Damien Rice backstage at a gig in Ireland. This experience opened the door into songwriting. Ed soon began selling CD’s after words of advice from Damien Rice.
An 8-track in the singer's bedroom served as the recording device and the initial earnings went towards Coca Cola and Twix. Ed continued to make music in high school and decided to drop out at the age of 16 to concentrate on music. The fame started to grow after exposure on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. At the time, Ed slept on sofas, posted music online and released homemade EPs (Extended Plays). Next was a move to London to play the club scene in 2008. Sheeran played 312 shows.
In 2009, Ed went to Los Angeles to play club scene and the singer signed with Asylum/Atlantic Records in 2010. In 2011, the musician made a major label debut with + and the following year clos...

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... Ed Sheeran is clearly talented.

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