Ecotourism : Sustainable Tourism About Using Natural Resources Essay

Ecotourism : Sustainable Tourism About Using Natural Resources Essay

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Sustainable tourism about using natural resources in a responsible way for recreation so its comprise ecofriendly dolphin and whale watching and fishing etc.
Ecotourism describe as holiday travels that present travellers with educational knowledge and daring experience by travelling multifaceted and captivating environment and their linked traditions and cultural heritages. Ecotourism concept started in late 1980s and it’s become popular in 2002 when the United Nation introduces International Year of Ecotourism. When doing the ecotourism there should be minimum effect on the culture and the environment and it should tell the visitors who visiting the places about what needed to be sustain in that area they visit and also ecotourism have to help for the residential people to realize the significance and the value of their home environment. not only that ecotourism can also help tourist to understand about the importance of the environment by encouraging them to be mindful bout misusing resources and contaminating the natural environment. Also this concept support local economies by creating new professions and revenues.
Good ecotourism operation help following criteria,
• Use resource in sustainable manner
• Protecting natural and cultural diversity
• Sustainable ecotuarism help local economies by increasing local income, employments for local people by using local source and services.
• Increase attentiveness about the culture and the environment
• Provide authority to local community by engaging them for local ecotourism activities.
Sustainability of the ecotourism industry is important to...

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... operating in Kaikoura consider themselves as ecotourism operators although Kaikoura hasn’t purposely built to develop as an ecotourism destination. (Orams, 2002)
Environmental Impact
One is natural environmental features in Kaikoura; especially marine mammals are the main attraction of that area. Because of that, tourist attraction is increasing in Kaikoura not only that whale watching operation in Kaikoura leads to establish other tourism operation such as viewing dolphins, seals and whale and swimming, viewing whales from aircraft etc. So the annual visitors to the kaikaura increase 10000 (1989) to 100000 in 1993 and 873000 in 1999.
In 2002 annual growth rate increased up to 14% from tourism activities and that percentage is higher than New Zealand average. Country estimates that the community in New Zealand earn NW$28 million from tourism operation annually.

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