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The Economy of Sri Lanka Essay

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Sri Lanka is the home to many languages, cultures, ethnicities. It is an island country on the northern Indian Ocean off the southern coast in India’s subcontinent located in southern Asia. There are many things that contribute to their economic growth and I shall discuss some of them below.
According to Sri Lanka wonder of Asia, (2014), when explaining Sri Lanka economic growth, it is advisable for the purpose of this essay to look into Sri Lanka’s history from pre-historic time, colonial era and independence. (the world bank, 2013)
• A group of people from South India, called Cholas ruled Sri Lanka for 70 years.
• Queen Anula was the first female ruler of Sri Lanka, being an Asian nation. She ruled from (47-42 BC). (2013)
Many groups Arab and Malay merchants settled on an island and the island was known to the first European explorers of South Asia.
Pressure for independence in Sri Lanka intensified subsequently at the end of the World War 1 & 2. On February 1948, the country won its independence as the Commonwealth of Ceylon. But it was a story of squandered opportunity and one of the element of the failure was the attempt of the dominant Sinhalese political parties after the death of D.S. Senanayake to deny the Tamil element of the population any cultural autonomy (Watkins). Sinhala was considered the only official language for the Sinhalese. In 1983, 13 Sinhalese soldiers were killed in ambush by Tamil separatists in in north Sri Lanka, this made the Sinhalese in the south go on a rampage against Tamil citizens and business which resulted in 400 deaths
Regarding the current situation in Sri Lanka, the three factors which ...

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