The Economy And Prestige Of America Essay

The Economy And Prestige Of America Essay

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The world is an ever changing place, keeping a punishing pace. This constant motion requires a constant source of energy. This energy comes in the form of oil and petroleum products. These products don’t just literally give vigor to our cars, but also to America’s foreign and domestic policy. Oil is king. It rules everyday life, national policy, and controls the fate, even the lives, of millions of people. Oil is power in the form of black liquid in a barrel. However, America does not, at the moment, have the ability to control this valuable resource in a way that would enable the freedom of policy that the government so sorely needs. In a manner of speaking, our hands are tied. This deficiency is already costing the American citizens millions, not to mention how government policy is restricted. By importing our oil, American’s limit themselves and the power their government can have in the world arena. There is a solution that would benefit both the economy and prestige of America. This is by eliminating or reducing our dependence on foreign oil, through the means of increased fracking and drilling on American soil.
This crippling dependence on foreign oil affects numerous aspects of our daily lives, the least of which is the gas prices. However, there is currently little being done to solve this problem. In 2013, the U.S. imported around $388 billion barrels of oil ("How Much Did the U.S. Spend on Imported Oil in 2013?"). Of that $388 billion, we continue to import close to $150 billion in oil from countries that have anti-American governments or sentiments (Lefton and Weiss "Oil Dependence Is a Dangerous Habit"). Not only is there little regard given to where we obtain our oil, but also to the effort to change how we fuel our w...

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...ially independent, but creates an entirely new job industry and improve the lives of not just American citizens, but global citizens. The dawn of the twentieth century brought a technical revolution as never before. From this revolution came the gas powered automobile. Ever since then, the world has been controlled by one thing and one thing only: oil. However, this can all change. By abstaining from importing oil, America can free itself from the slippery bonds of oil, and not only regain power in the global and domestic arena, but spur another technological revolution, the technological revolution of the twenty first century. From this moment, and every other moment on, we have the power to shape the future for our children, just like our ancestors shaped ours. They laid the groundwork; now this generation’s legacy is to improve it for the sake of our descendants.

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