Essay on Economy and Government Corruption in the World

Essay on Economy and Government Corruption in the World

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The level of democratization of a country can have an impact on the corruption level. There are multiple variables that can influence both the amount of corruption and the wealth of a nation. These variables-durability, exports, and religion-have different effects on various countries throughout the world. Governments are influenced by these variables, which can be reflected into their policies. A type of government may determine the amount of corruption, which may have economic ramifications. An autocratic regime is structured differently than that of a democratic regime, which may have a negative impact. Authoritarian regimes typically only have one or less political parties, and that helps create a centralized government. Total control of the economy falls under the government and that can allow a government to do as they want with an economy. Thus, an autocratic regime is more likely to be corrupt and have a lower GDP.
Corruption does vary across different regions, and regions may be more corrupt than others. This could be due to the effects of multiple variables on a government, which would influence political policy and economic development. Developmental countries may be more corrupt than developed countries or a country that has been democratized for a long period of time could have less corruption.
Understanding the amount of corruption in a country is extremely difficult and very few sources can be trusted. The Transparency International Organization provides corruption data on numerous countries based on first-hand accounts of acts of corruption by public sector officials. Transparency International (TI) provides corruption ratings and ranks the countries based on the government’s interactions with the public secto...

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...ieved to be harmfull to economic growth, and research has shown that growth is directly effect by believed corruption ( Many would expect benefits that would come from the corruption, and the corruption that would occur in the government would be for personal gain. Use of the government for personal gain could be as simple as a bargain between a government official and someone of the private sector. The private sector may benefit from the protection of the government, which could deter competition from other businesses. Deterring competition from entering a sector can reduce quality and increase the price of products. State features such as taxes, grants, and regulation can also influence the wealth of a nation. The features of a government can influence a GDP, and not every system of government has policies that increase GDP.

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