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The Economics of Super Congress Essays

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Ah the Super Congress, it is the last thing you would think of if asking the question what is a congressional committee. One has to wonder what people who make a run for Congress are really thinking. One also has to wonder about the sanity of a government who would appoint six individuals with nary an economics degree among them to decide the financial future of over 300 million people. That is exactly what this so-called Super Congress was appointed to do. Do they have a clue?

If you take a close look at some of the jokers we have in Congress right now you would wonder how they even learned how to run for Congress nonetheless figure out how to do their job of representing the people properly. The majority of people here in America tend to believe that the House and Senate members who are elected care more about special interest and those individuals and companies who donated large sums of money to their campaign funds want than they do about representing the whole of America. How many of you believe that Congress individually or as a whole is putting forth legislation which will benefit America in the short-term or long-term?

Although the tea party adamantly purports that America's deficit must be cut drastically to ensure the economic health of our country a great number of nonpartisan Republicans Democrats and most importantly economists disagree with them. Ian C. Shepherdson, chief economist for the United States firm High Frequency Economics cannot seem to understand what the goal of Republicans is as well as being astonished that Democrats have failed to hold what many consider as sacred ground. Mr. Shepherdson sees no reason why the United States would not move into a promising recovery state in 2012. However, as Mr. ...

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...hire American workers here in our nation and retooling our foreign trade policy to promote fair and equal trade rather than free trade would go a long way to provide some much-needed economic equality for the human productive capacity and America. An immediate doubling of the minimum wage would take millions of people off the Dole and create a spending boost that would provide immediate benefits to the GDP and start a cycle that would lead to increased employment and spending throughout the lower and middle class. Doubling the minimum wage could lead to small increases in the price of products but the increases would be so small that the inflation would be negligible.

Now I'd like to ask all of those out there who have interest in economics what is your idea to help restart the stalled economy of America as well as the stagnant economy of the entire first world?

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