The Economics Of Poverty, A Woman 's Lack Of An Education Essay

The Economics Of Poverty, A Woman 's Lack Of An Education Essay

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In fact, the economics of poverty, a woman’s lack of an education and supports, and legal issues also influences a woman’s “environment” and her “environment” also affects her outcome. In the qualitative research design study, Martha R. Sleutel (525-539) proposes that “battered women’s accounts of their experiences in abusive relationships [influences a] women’s views of the emotional consequences of battering, the process of leaving, and the impact of social systems and community resources were consistent” (Sleutel 525-539), as to effects of women’s spirituality and religious beliefs downplayed through the role of batterer’s patriarchal attitudes and religious beliefs. Additionally, a prison-like existence becomes a reality to some women who experience the perpetrators activities to demean, humiliate, and degrade the woman [that] constitute[s] psychological torture and brainwashing, and, over time, she begins to doubt her sanity (Sleutel 525-539), due to the actions of her abuser [such as gas lighting]. Moreover, in this peer-reviewed study, women in multiple studies use the same indistinguishable language of brainwashing, going crazy, and being a prisoner (Sleutel 525-539) that is perpetrated upon them in within their abusive home environment.
The intersectionality of women’s health issues such as domestic violence overlaps this worldwide situation that connects and intertwines vastly across cultures and continents, as domestic violence does not discriminate against women--people do. The peer-reviewed academic design study article, “Intersectionality and Framing Domestic Violence” (Nixon and Humphreys), investigates intersectionality of feminist framing of domestic violence. Jennifer Nixon and Cathy Humphreys hypothesize femin...

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...rcent), and strangers (23 percent)” (Klein 11). However, whether stalkers are specifically charged or not, it is important for prosecutors and judges to correctly identify stalking behavior and recognize its significance in order to give victims maximum protection against potentially lethal abusers. (Research basis: National study of 141 murders and 65 attempted murders of women, and confirmation in other stalking studies)” (Klein 11). Accordingly, “Judges should respond to non-compliant abusers immediately to safeguard victims. (Research basis: Multiple studies have found that doing nothing with regard to non-compliant, court-referred abusers results in significantly higher rates of reabuse. Two studies involving jurisdictions across four states suggest that vigorous enforcement of conditions is the key in deterring [contempt and all types of] reabuse)” (Klein 81).

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