Economics of Marriage

Economics of Marriage

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Economics of Marriage

Nowadays, marriage is hardly a new subject of discussion and is found in every human society.
Any marriage involves two individuals each of whom has their own experience of that marriage. Nowadays, the roles and expectations that the families have to fulfill are distributed evenly among the members of the family. What this means is that mothers, who were identified in the past as household wives (since they were responsible with cleaning, cooking and raising children) are granted with more rights such as the right to participate in a voting process or the right to get a job. As oppose to mothers, fathers have always been mainly responsible with working hard to support their families because in most of the situations, they were the main financial providers. As a result, they had to bring money to their families by any means even if that meant getting more than one job. This situation became much more problematic when children appeared in the families. As we all know, children had and will always play an extremely important role and raising them is a big responsibility for their parents. Having children and only one member of the family (for instance the father) working is a familiar situation for most families. In this case, the father has to be more realistic than ever that his family relies on his financial support. He has to make sure that his family has the necessary supplies to survive. If this situation is not being resolved due to various reasons such as the husband does not earn enough money or just simply refuses to contribute financially, conflicts and issues may arise which often lead to family separations, and thus, poor living conditions and even death from malnutrition. This is exactly the situation that parents have to avoid. They have to be more responsible and realistic of their own actions, and take the decisions that are in the best interest of the family, the right decisions. These types of marriages are called emotional and financial support marriages.
Another type of marriages that are very common nowadays and very numerous on a wide scale are the economic marriages.
Economic marriages are essentially those kind of marriages in which money play a tremendous role in the lives of one or more couples. This is often a situation in which one or even both individuals involved in marriage have an unconditional desire and hunger for money.

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As a result of this, these kinds of individuals would do anything they can to obtain more and more money. In their perspective, the more money they get, the more power and control they have on the marriage and the more things they can buy that come in their benefit. This is often a misconception, as it can lead to family conflicts and ultimately, divorce. In addition to this, if children come in the family as well, the situation becomes much more difficult. Because of the fact that children are a big responsibility, the ideal families would be those who do have a big consideration for their children’s future and well being. However, for individuals involved in economic marriages, this is not the case. In their situation, the only thing they care about or at least put on the first place is how to make more money or how to get money from one another. This whole situation has a tremendous negative impact on their children due to the fact that their parents loose interest in them and focus only on how to get more and more money. If this is the case, this situation becomes more and more problematic. If the children of such families do not get the necessary financial and emotional support, they will develop with little or no inner emotional feelings. As a result of this, they will have a lot of problems integrating in the society and in the relationships with other people.
One important question that most of the individuals involved in marriage ask themselves is “Who gets what in marriage?” The ideal decisions would be those ones taken in such a way that will prevent future conflicts and misunderstandings between the couple(s). Consider this example: Let’s assume that both individuals have a job and just received their salaries. Now, they would have to distribute their responsibilities in a convenient way for both. They would have to consider the fact that there are a lot of taxes that have to be paid and lots and lots of other responsibilities. This is often an aspect of the marriage which brings in discussions and conflicts. Furthermore, if children are present in these families as well, this situation becomes more difficult. Once children appear into families, they are not only a major responsibility for the parents, but they represent a continuous concern as well. One thing the parents should do is to provide their children with an education and a safe environment to live in. Now, imagine that there are families in which the individuals do earn a lot of money, have children but they have no consideration for their life. Consider the fact that there are such cases like the one I mentioned and in addition, these kind of parents care only about their own self and how much money they can get in their benefit. Even worst, let’s say that these parents are very addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. What will their children’s future turn out to be? If these parents are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, they will prolly consume large amounts of these things. Now imagine all the taxes and other things they have to pay in daily and monthly. How will this family’s future turn out to be? If their parents will continue to consume more and more alcohol they will become extremely violent and they will start to physically threaten their children. This would obviously be an unlawful and sinful action that that the parents would do but once they are in a drunk state, they do not take responsibility anymore for their own actions because their brain does not function normally anymore in such a state. As a result, the child can end up with serious physical and psychological injuries that can affect his life presently and in the future. The tragic thing that we have to take into account is that this is the reality. We can encounter such families anywhere around the globe. In my opinion, if some parents would be more realistic and take into consideration that some actions that they commit may have a negative impact on them and their children’s live and future, perhaps the number of dysfunctional families would be reduced. Now, I’m not saying that these are the only factors that create dysfunctional families. There is a whole variety of them but these are one of the most important to encounter. As someone once said “Words mean nothing, actions are everything” This statement is true and applies to most of the families. In some families, for instance, the parents who are addicted to alcohol and do intend to quit might say, “Tomorrow I will quit” However, when the next day comes, they return back to their previous action because they chose not to quit to or they cannot do it anymore because they are strongly addicted. The tragic and unfortunate thing is that they never ask themselves “Will this not destroy my health if I continue?” or when they have children, another question such as “Is what I do in the best interest of my children?” or “Wouldn’t my child be affected if I continue this?” These are only a few questions that the individuals involved in marriage have to ask themselves. This is not a dream or a game. This is the reality. Some parents do need to realize that once they have children, they have to do everything they can in order to ensure the success of the family. Furthermore, they have to realize that even the tiniest mistake that they commit might have a terrible impact on the members of the family, leading to a dysfunctional family and even divorce. When these kinds of issues come in, they generate more issues, discussions and conflicts between the members of a family.
The individuals involved in marriage have to take the right decisions when distributing the incomes to one another and fulfilling the responsibilities because if they don’t, their children will have a lot of suffering to endure presently and in the future, and even if they don’t have any children, such discussions and issues might arise conflicts between them, leading to a lot of suffering, dysfunctional families and even divorce.

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