The Economics Of Happiness : Building Genuine Wealth Essays

The Economics Of Happiness : Building Genuine Wealth Essays

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The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth is a book written by Mark Anielski, an ecological economist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is a professor and CEO of family owned corporation, Anielski Management Inc. (AMI). He specializes in well-being measurement and was recognized by Adbusters as a “rising star” amongst international progressive economists. He helps communities, business and governments in measuring and managing their genuine wealth. His book, The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth, won 2 awards in 2008 which are a gold medal in Consciousness Business Leadership at the Los Angeles Nautilus Book and a bronze medal at the Axiom Book Awards in New York, with the category of Economics (International Institute of Sustainable Development, 2014). Mark is also a professor at the University of Alberta, School of Business and teaches a course in Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship (International Institute of Sustainable Development, 2014). He is also a founding faculty member of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute in Washington, which was the first MBA Program in the US dedicated to sustainable business practices and ethics (International Institute of Sustainable Development, 2014).

The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth provides a guideline to people, from all aspects of life, that our life does not only revolve on money. He tackled the importance of genuine wealth and how it can be applied to different organizations and even governments. Genuine wealth, as defined by Mark Anielski (2007), is the conditions of well-being that are true to our core values of life. It is also a model for measuring the conditions of well-being of a community or organization in accordanc...

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... is being least considered nowadays. Economists failed to consider that happiness and genuine wealth is also a part in every man’s life that needs to be measured. Genuine wealth is also as important as any monetary measures of progress.
The only comment that I have regarding the book is that Mark Anielski should have made the book with lesser scales, graphs and numbers and explained it straightforwardly. Although he did try his best to explain everything in the simplest way, I still found the parts of the book with graphs and scales as quite uninteresting. For non-economics fan like me, I would have preferred to read the book without the graphs and scales. He should have focused on genuine wealth and how economics of happiness can provide a better life for everyone. But overall, this is definitely a good book and can be shared and recommended to other people as well.

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