Economic Relationship Among The People Of God Essay

Economic Relationship Among The People Of God Essay

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Economic relationship among the people of God
There are several examples from the bible that (insert first name) Sider highlights on how Christians should view economics. The first examples is the jubilee principle. The rule from this principle was for every fifty years God commanded all the land to be returned to its original owners (Lev 25: 10-24). With the jubilee principle God owned all the land, the Idea of land ownership was false (lev 25:23). God permitted for the land to be cultivated and used to produce food; our job was to take care of the land. Land could be bought and sold throughout the year except during the year of jubilee. God came up with the year of jubilee to promote economic equality among his people, He wanted everyone to have enough to eat and a place to stay, He did not want a gap between the poor and the rich; He wanted everyone to be Economically equal.
The Sabbatical year is another example mentioning on how Christians should view economics. This law allowed for slaves to be released, every debt to be forgiven and for the soil to rest from cultivation every seven years (ex 23:10-11: Lev 25:27) this took place on the seventh year after every six years. When God came up with this law He was looking out for the poor. For six years, all the land owners could grow crops and harvest them but on the seventh year they were not allowed to. On the seventh year, the land was left alone to grow whatever it wanted and anyone was permitted to go and harvest from the land. On the seventh year, all the Hebrew slaves were set free, and when they were set free the law was not to let them leave empty handed but instead be given gifts to take along with them. Also during the sabbatical year all the debts were forgi...

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...Africa with the rest of the world are starving. Sider believes that if the North American and European Christians would start practicing economics in in a Godly way by following what the Bible says, the world would be a much better place filled with love, happiness and more Christ believers.
I personally agree with Siders argument. We live in a very individualistic culture, where we only care for ourselves. Having rich Christians who have more than what they need living in the same world with poor people who can barely survive a day is a shame to our religion. As Christian it is our duty to take care of the earth and everything in it, and this means taking care of our fellow human beings when they are need. God also commanded us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, if our neighbors are poor then we should show them love by helping them defeat the poorness.

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