The Economic, Political, And Social Growth Of The Ancient Greek Essay

The Economic, Political, And Social Growth Of The Ancient Greek Essay

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Many elements were the reasons for the increased economic, political, and social growth of the ancient Greek for many decades. One of them was the geographical location where ancient Greek was created in has helped to make Greek one of the most critical regions (3500-100) B.C.E. The people of ancient Greece developed a culture that fundamentally shaped the western part of Eurasia. The historical development of the Greeks is divided into two periods the Hellenic and the Hellenistic. The Hellenic is the time when the Greek found the first complex societies and the rise of the kingdom of Macedonia in the north during the Hellenistic is the period between the reigns of Alexander the great until the spread of the Greek culture from Spain to India.

The development of Greece’s during the Dark Ages could be divided into two eras the first was the migration of the Greek- speaking people with the Aegean speaking people spreading the Greek’s culture to the islands and the shores of Anatolia. The second was the development of the polis which means “city-state”. Polis were had a bigger role than a political institution, and it was a community of citizens with their customs and laws. The polis included the city and its surroundings the people lived in a compact group of houses within the city surrounded by a wall. While the Acropolis was the place where people erected temples and various dedications to the gods of the polis. The polis also contained a marketplace where the public buildings, shops, and courts were located. Politically Greek had different types of governments the most common ones were the democracy and oligarchy. Democracy “the power of the people,” meant all the people without respect to the birth of wealth had the right to dec...

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...e pressure from smaller landholders and with the consent of the nobles, Draco had published his first law code which was harsh it was originated from the word draconian it embodied the ideal that law belonged to all citizens.
However, in Athens Solon was elected to be an archon by the nobles, chief magistrate of the polis, and they gave him extraordinary powers to reform the state. After he had been appointed, Solon made huge fundamental changes in the life of Athenians he allowed nobles to keep their land but he made enslavement for debt illegal. The democracy was functioned were all citizens should play a role in the government. They delegated their power to other citizens by creating different offices to run the democracy. The most important ones of these offices were the bored of ten Archons whose members elected for one year handled legal and military affairs.

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