The Economic Opportunity Act Of Lyndon B Johnson Signed And Bill Of The Union Message

The Economic Opportunity Act Of Lyndon B Johnson Signed And Bill Of The Union Message

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In 1964 President Lyndon B Johnson signed and passed the “Economic opportunity act” which placed the “War of poverty “in effect in his state of the union message. The EOA act was cultivated to give free educational opportunities, provide job training and, loans to small business to create jobs for the unemployed. There was endless amount of programs and community action agency available for assistance. In the light of terminating not only the cause of poverty but the consequences. Poverty can cause a bad effect to the economy, it can lower job rates, raise income taxes and also allow the government to spend more instead of saving.
Poverty now after five decades from this act being passed has still shown no improvement.“ between 2000 and 2012, the percentage of people in poverty accrued from 12.2 percent to 15.9 percent, while the number of people in poverty accumulated from 33.3 million to 48.8” ( This causes an extreme deformation on the growth of the economy, in addition to this the more poverty grows the more the GDP is being affected. The GDP is the overall measurement of the economy. It contains the percentage of the consumption rate, which is the calculation of good and services being bought. Poverty affects the consumption rate. The cause of poverty increasing can be due to rescission, depressions and most importantly unemployment.
The unemployment rate plays a major role in poverty and the growth of the economy. Unemployment measures the relative distribution of economic wellbeing in an economy. More over the percentage is added to the poverty percentage. The unemployment rate can fluctuate from low to high, you can mainly see the employment rate higher in large citie...

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...en with a yearly income of $22,113. There are also situations in which a family can be broken up due to the lack of money and real estate’s lost due to the lack of money. In many cities across the country poverty is causing major issues and giving birth to more problems. In regards to the deteriorating physical environment, in many urban areas recreation parks and other organizations aren’t being able to be rebuilt or repaired.
Moreover, poverty is a major issue and it has a major effect throughout the entire United States. Whether it deals with the areas with high inmates due to low incomes or the fact that 53 percent of Americans earns $10,000 or less annually. Coupled with the fact that the government created assistant programs that cause taxes to higher. The fact still remains that the poverty in America is a huge problem and needs to be handled accordingly.

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