Economic Impact Of Cruise Tourism : The Case Of Costa Rica Essay

Economic Impact Of Cruise Tourism : The Case Of Costa Rica Essay

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From a Journal
Brida, J. G., & Zapata, S. (2010). Economic impacts of cruise tourism: The case of Costa Rica. Anatolia: An international journal of tourism & hospitality research, 21(2), 322-338.
This is an Economic analysis of the impacts of cruise ship tourism specifically pertaining to Costa Rica. The analysis was published in the “International Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Research”. The source has trusted information written by two established, well known, professors, in the tourism field, Juan Brida and Sandra Zapata. The source houses a wealth of statistical information that illustrates the positive impacts that cruise ships have on Costa Rica. Not only does the article have data on the exact number of cruise ship passengers that visited each year, but it also lists the corresponding economic of the visitors each year. Additionally, there is a chart that breaks down different types of expenditures and shows on average how much passengers spent on it.
This source was not very easy to locate due to its specific focus on Costa Rica. But, has highly valuable information within. I like how the information is very clear and is displayed in many easy to read charts. This will be a great source to use when pulling statistical data. I will be able to use the data to prove my claim that, cruise ship tourism positively benefits the economy it operates in.
From a Journal
Chang, Y., Park, H., Liu, S., & Roh, Y. (2016). Economic impact of cruise industry using regional input-output analysis: A case study of lncheon. Maritime policy and management, 43(1-2), 1-18.
This source is a journal article that was originally found in the “Flagship Journal of International Shipping and Port Research”. The article was written by professionals ...

... middle of paper ... The analysis focuses on the Caribbean countries and how tourism has economically impacted it. The analysis is loaded with statistics and graphs. The article is strong from an angle of overall tourism impacts, but lacks information regarding the cruise ship industry directly. Most of the information in this source can be used as pre-search ideas for my research.
I found this source by using the statistics database from the University of South Carolinas website. I searched, “Cruise economic impacts” and it came up. This source is a good starting point for further research on my topic. The various graphs list which Caribbean country host the most tourist, which can then lead me into finding how the economic impact of that country is then broken down. This source is packed with trusted information, but it is not exactly what I am looking for in my research paper.

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