Economic Globalization : A Economic Economy Essay

Economic Globalization : A Economic Economy Essay

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Economic Globalization
Taking public opinion into account, the development of economic globalization may be regarded as both positive and negative. Social programs such as welfare, can provide an equivalent comparison to society’s beliefs. In my patriotic opinion, economic globalization will always produce both pros and cons within its structure, regardless of intent or outcome. That is to say, that development of any nature, especially on a global level effects everyone, directly or indirectly. The text provided Walmart as an example of economic globalization, being that it is an American corporation which imports the majority of its products from foreign nations. While this corporation employs thousands of American workers, it also weakens American industry by importing inexpensive products and underselling its competitors. In the end, American industry has the almost impossible task of competing in a global market, where things such as labor laws, unions, environmental laws, etc. have no significance.
On the other hand, economic globalization provides a much needed opportunity for foreign nations to gainfully employ their citizens, provide financial stability for national infrastructure and can also be utilized as a bargaining chip in opposition to war. By keeping the potential for these matters to exist and the positive effects they produce in mind, an individual can be more likely to accept a global market. Additionally, one could reasonably argue that a global market has always existed and merely adapts with time. After all, Columbus set out to discover new trade roots in order to exploit a growing global market, he may have not found the fastest way to China, however, he was credited with discovering America. This fact, ...

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...rough human action.
On all levels (micro, meso and macro), the studies of social stratification and economic globalization are paramount to the field of sociology. For example, changes at any level of a social system correspondingly effect one another, be it top down or bottom up. To that end, it is of a pivotal nature that these studies be conducted, in order to arm sociologists with a complete picture rather than a snap shot in time. A better analogy may put things into perspective, imagine attempting to complete a 1,000 piece jig-saw puzzle without possessing half the pieces. What would be the point? What would be gained? In this case the margarine for error rapidly increases with each missing piece. Therefore, the studies of social stratification and economic globalization become more of a necessity to sociological research rather than an additional benefit.

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