Economic Future Of The E Book Industry Essay

Economic Future Of The E Book Industry Essay

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Economic future of the e-book industry
As a child, my parents would get the newspaper delivered to our house daily and have several magazine subscriptions. Now the year is 2015 and my parents can now check the latest news about everything on their phones and laptops. The book publishing industries have begun making books digitally available too. Over recent years, electronic books have been a rapidly growing success in society. Technology has been created to accustom this way of reading. Library’s have also began expanding the products they offer to the e-book industry for educational uses as well. Before we go on to explore the economic future of the e-book industry, I would like to state a clear definition of what an e-book exactly is. According to The Oxford dictionary, an e-book is “An electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose”. It is a digital and network based technology for supplying and reading books. In looking at the e-book as a “cause” we then began to develop a questions as to how will e-books “effect” and change the world in the future? Authors, retailers, students, illustrators, and readers are all going to be affected in some way with this new trend in the way of reading books. One challenge that arises through the e-book industry is how to determine a fair price for both the producers and consumers. Another grouping of words that will be presented throughout this paper are Amazon Kindle and The Sony Reader. These devices offer a consumer to browse, purchase, download, read, and store e-books on.
The E-book publishing industry has been prospering the past few years. Industry revenue has been soring as demand for e-books has been st...

... middle of paper ...

...ok. Consequently, if there is no outlet nearby, your hopes in finishing a story might not be possible. An additional limitation of having the ability to carry an entire e-book library on one single device, is that it is then possible to lose an entire e-book library if the device is broken or stolen (Jacoby). The publishing industry of e-books must create a fair market for readers, authors and publishers. Consumers will always want the lowest price of books, but must remember authors need to be treated fairly when it comes to getting paid. The e-book is reshaping how society buys and reads book, and the future of this industry is going to keep expanding, while still succeeding. In the end, reading is a fundamental skill and part of education that every individual should enjoy in their lifetime, so I find that e-books are nothing but a positive impact to our society.

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