Economic Effects on College Students Essay

Economic Effects on College Students Essay

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The economy has affected so many people in so many ways. Over the years the economy has experienced numerous hardships from the real median household income to America’s gross debt. As time passes, not only is education suffering greatly because of the economy, through budget cutbacks and tuition and book increases but college students as well. The economy has affected college students most drastically through
By way of decreased taxes and budget cuts schools unfortunately have had to decrease numerous amenities. The price of education has affected my life through the cost of tuition increasing nearly 24 percent over the last five years. Because the economy helped create these escalations, I made the chose to attend a two year college instead of going straight to a four year university. Based on ( I will save an average of $6,000 a year while attending a junior college. Since I have decided this path I have been able to save extra money while continuing to get a decent education. The benefits of attending a junior college are being able to live at home and have many of my expenses paid for by my parents. These expenditures include rent, food, and household essentials that I would have to supply myself if I moved away to college.
Another way the cost of school has affected me is the price of books and materials. Due to the high cost of books provided by the school, I have had to find alternative resources for acquiring them. I have also realized that I have had to spend additional time towards researching other ways of attaining books for class. Although this may not always be the most convenient way to buy books since it takes more time, due to the cost it has become a necessity for many students, including ...

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