Economic Developments Of China And South Korea Essay

Economic Developments Of China And South Korea Essay

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Two of some of the strongest economic nations in Eastern Asia today, China and South Korea, have both undergone tremendous economic development since the 1950s to become what they are today. The key factors of this transformation have been authoritarian leaders and government who were strong in boosting the economy, but often in controversial ways that were quite undemocratic. The foremost authoritarian leaders in China were Mao Zedong, Den Xiaoping, Hu Jintao, and Wen Jiabao, while in Korea were mainly Park Chung-hee. Although these leaders ruled in similar ways, their conditions, policies, routes they took, and the consequences were all very different. An analysis of the economic developments of China and South Korea, along with the successful democratization of Korea reveals that China is still far from becoming a democratic state because China is already such a powerful nation and has had a different historical background than Korea.
China, ever since the end of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937 and various civil wars, was a fairly poor nation without much stable infrastructure. When Mao Zedong and his Communist Party came into power to rebuild the nation, one of the first changes he made was to introduce land ownership reforms (Kerry 39). But also, both monetary and technical aid from the Soviet Union was key in China’s restoration to an economic power (Kerry 39). The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) also made national education a priority, as well as other aspects such as social welfare, national defense, and strong policies (Kerry 40). However, Mao’s rule was not all with good end, as his ambitious Great Leap Forward to rapidly develop China’s economic production to become a global superpower resulted in a horrible turn. T...

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...d and whether they were considered an agricultural (rural) or non-agricultural (urban) household (Jacka, Kipnis, Sargeson 66). This created a social division, where low-class or rural workers can be taken advantage of with relative ease by the urban class. Many believed that removal of the hukou was important in order to promote China into a further phase of economic advancement (Zweig 261). However, Deng Xiaoping’s rule, much like Mao’s, was not all perfect. The Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, started by students to expose China’s corrupt and bad leadership aspects, was marked by the fact that Deng used military suppression on its citizens to subdue the protests. Although Deng is remembered for his drastic economic developments to resolve the widespread poverty in his time, the incident that “he had allowed live bullets to be used on unarmed students” (Kerry 50).

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