Economic Development: The Process of Change Essay

Economic Development: The Process of Change Essay

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Economic Development: The process of change in a purposeful and comprehensive management of all aspects of economic and social life of a particular community in order to transfer the community to develop economic, social and political best Defines economic development. Generally as a process that happens through which change is accompanied by a comprehensive and continuous increase in the average real income and an improvement in the distribution of income in favor of the poor and improve the quality of life and the changing structure of production goods are produced using the main elements of production ,So the difference between development and economic growth is that growth: Works to increase production and services in a limited period of time, for example, from 1 to 6 months. Developments are: change the comprehensive and complete all aspects of life, without specifying a time period. Before the 1950's more than two thirds of the humanity was poor. The problem area of the world was Asia, which had Most of the world poor India's followed economic development policies of the socialist -inspired most of its independent history , including state ownership of many sectors ; income in India in the capital increase by about 1 % annual growth rate , but in the three decades after independence . Since mid- 1980, India has slowly opened up markets through the liberalization of the economy. After more fundamental reforms since 1991 and refurbished in 2000, and India's progress towards a free market economy in late 2000, the growth rate reached 7.5 % in India, which wills double the average income in ten years. Analysts who say that if India pushed more radical market reforms, it can maintain the rate and up until 2011, the government'...

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...ccess .Government with the aim of achieving universal primary education by 2010 .The meal was introduced in the country in 2001 . All these helped to a significant increase in enrollment in primary education Schools to 94 %India and gearing up to achieve full literacy by 2030 .The study also showed that the level of learning in children miserably poor in many countries . About two-thirds of students Aged 7-14 cannot read the story at the level of grade 2, and about 40 % of them could not do basic subtraction and Division. A dropout rate in primary schools is still high. Other surprising results is that children in some countries with enrollment as high as Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have levels of learning is very bad. The situation calls for transforming politics Focus of access and enrollment in the collection and retention, to make sure that all children learn well.

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