Economic Arrangement Between Men And Women Essay

Economic Arrangement Between Men And Women Essay

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Talia Warshawsky
Ms. Rembert
CGI English 11 HH
3 October, 2014
Women and Economics Notes
1. According to Gilman, what specifically is the economic arrangement between men and women in a marriage?
According to Gilman, women are entirely economically dependent on men, and as men continue to progress in both a social and economic sense, women are forced into a stagnant position. This is also true when one looks at the personal relationship between men and women - their marriage.
Gilman believes that in a marriage, the husband is in the position of dominance, and no part of his relationship to his wife is that of business partners (239).
The man provides for the family economically and financially, and the woman must share his wealth. She goes on further to say that women receive this wealth in exchange for sex; "the economic status of the human female is relative to the sex-relation" (236).
By this, the author is implying that it is impossible for a woman 's position to be regarded as equal to that of the man 's, let alone for her to advance economically at all.
Gilman believes women are not given the opportunity to be of any economic importance, especially in their marriages.
Gilman mentions how some believe that a woman repays her husband through housework, and that that house service is what determines her economic status (240). However, this is far from the truth.
According to Gilman, the wife of a poor man does just as much housework for her husband and family, if not more, than the wife of a rich man, so this service has absolutely no effect on her economic status (241).
Therefore, since house labor is irrelevant, and women are almost always prevented from contributing to the outside world (240), women are simply seen as...

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...way too self-involved and thinks only of itself (320). This can be blamed almost entirely on the way they were raised, which is due to the social isolation of a mother.
It is impossible to know the true potential of a person without giving them the chance to succeed (or fail) in society. Isolating women, and forcing them to spend almost their entire lives in their homes with their children prevents them from reaching their full potential and fulfilling their destiny.
Women were denied the ability to create and develop, no matter what their individual talent might be (257-259).
“Half the human race is denied free productive expression, is forced to confine its productive human energies to the same channels as its reproductive sex energies,” (276).
If half of the world is prevented from contributing to society then it slows its advancement by a massive amount.

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