Economic and Environmental Benefits of Global Organic Production Essay

Economic and Environmental Benefits of Global Organic Production Essay

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Economic and Environmental Benefits of Global Organic Production

Although organic production as an entity is controversial, it is gaining momentum across the world in terms of sales. Organic foods have become more popular as people become more concerned about what it is they are consuming. This increased demand for organic products has lead to organic production on a global scale. With an increase in global organic production have come many benefits both economically and environmentally.

Organic agriculture's aim is, 'to augment ecological processes that foster plant nutrition yet conserve soil and water resources. Organic systems eliminate agrochemicals and reduce other external inputs to improve the environment and farm economics' (Pimental, et al). Organic production is not only beneficial to the population as a whole but to the small time farmers who are attempting to survive in a capitalist world. In the U.S., 'National Organic Standards Program prohibits the use of synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms, and sewage sludge in organically certified production' (Pimental, et al). These types of eliminations mean less costs and more environmental benefits. Organic production is a step towards self-sustainable farming.

As this movement spreads across the world, sales continue to climb with a higher demand for organic products. This demand creates a larger profit margin making it a logical move for small farmers to switch to organic production. ?Organic food sales total more than $7 billion per year and are growing at double-digit rates? (Pimental, et al). When farmers begin to think in terms of profit instead of yield, organic production becomes a viable move. Farmers benefit from this style of agricul...

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...thout damage to the land or through killing off key species in the ecological web.

The globalization of organic production provides hope for the future through the sustainability of the small farmer and the environment. An increase in profit margins will allow farmers who are struggling to survive against big corporations an edge. For the environment, this means sustainability of soil and biodiversity. It also means the elimination of chemicals that are harming water sources and the health of people. In the end, the globalization of organic production is a beneficial move whether organic foods are better for people or not.

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