Ecological Features Of Chin Economic Growth Of The Country And Its Impact On The Environment

Ecological Features Of Chin Economic Growth Of The Country And Its Impact On The Environment

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Galvanized to start on the topic of Ecological features of china, the first thing that stuck our mind is a country that makes for us almost everything. From everything, one can clearly imagine what all resource the country has to manufacture goods that is the labor and high flourished industry. For a defend to choose China as a topic, the imagination was to make aware all the people about the ecological conditions of China and what all have been the impacts of industrialization on both the nature and of course the life of people, animals and plants in that environment. The main idea is to relate the impact of economic growth of the country and its impact on the environment. The knowledge of the place has been clear in my mind with a visit to Beijing with my family in 2012 and a brief discussion with my friends who belong to China.
The points in the following segments may appear a slight off the way but in a way to relate Ecological Features with environment of china, they ought to make a sense. Starting with ‘Industrialization’, this link can be pictured to the others aspects of the essay. Industrialization in China has led to provide most of the world with the products they need whether it is a laptop, or a Shirt. This is the result of a lot of population which persuaded to increase the manual labor who has to work at a very less price than most of the other country’s labor. The world gets what all products they require but in end, most of the labor has to live poor quality and a miserable life. This Industrialization in China has only led to the growth of world but compromising the quality of environment and life in China. It is said that when we buy a product from Wal-Mart, it has been manufactured somewhere and the substance d...

... middle of paper ... must be a permanent ban on the industry which doesn’t follow the rules. Cars which are older than 10 years must have a valid permit that they don’t release pollution in the air and also that their catalytic convertors work properly. In the end, I will say that to develop China economically, there was an increase in the industrialization which has led to crucially knock down the environment of China. Everything is not that late if a longer and a harder step can be taken with the involvement of all people sacrificing a little bit of their needs. If the steps presented in this segment of the essay are given momentousness, then they can surely lead to save the environment which includes humans, flora and fauna by reducing the chances of all the species of getting extinct and dying a dreadful death. Only in this way, China could hope a safe, clean and a better future.

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