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In order to interpret an ECG, it is necessary to understand the different parts of a normal sinus rhythm and how they appear. The first thing to look for is something called a P wave; this is a small elevation before the QRS complex. Next, look at the PR interval; this is measured by counting the small squares from the start of the P wave and ends with R wave. The PR interval represents the atrial depolarization phase. The average PR interval should be between 0.12-0.20 seconds or 3-5 small squares. Following the PR interval, it is significant to look at the QRS complex; in other words, ventricular depolarization. There should be a QRS that follows each P wave and it should not be any longer than 0.12 seconds or 2 ½ small squares. Also, the S wave should return to baseline and not be elevated or depressed. Following the QRS complex, a T wave should be present as a small elevation from the baseline. The S wave and T wave together are referred to as the S-T interval and represent ventricular repolarization; normally it should be 0.20 seconds or less. These all add up to one full cycle of the heart’s atria and ventricles depolarizing and repolarizing to produce cardiac output. The next thing to look at is the R-R interval; this is simply just looking at the distance between each QRS complex and seeing if they are evenly space and regular. There should not be much variance in the distance between each R wave. Now that I have described what a normal sinus rhythm looks like, I will now give the different descriptions of the various abnormal ECG patterns that exist. All abnormal rhythms indicate different issues or problems concerning the heart; therefore, I will also discuss what the various treatments are for each abnormal rhythm.

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...resent every other beat, whereas, trigeminy is when every third beat is a PVC. Some possible causes are electrolyte imbalaces, hypoxia, stress, and caffeine. Lidocaine can be used as a temporary solution, although, if they are severe enough, an ablation may be considered. An ablation is a minimally invasive procedure in which radiofrequency waves are used to destroy the tissue where the early beat originates.

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