Ebooks Are Better Than Books Essay

Ebooks Are Better Than Books Essay

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There has been a hot discussion for quite some time between readers using printed books and the ones using eBooks. This has been closely linked to the comfort and gain realized by these respective readers. By using a number of devices such as mobile phones and computers, e readers are suggesting that that is the best way to read books. Additionally, they say that reading online allows them to enjoy the process and gain much in the long run. This has been largely disputed by readers that prefer printed books on the basis of attention and nurturing abilities. It can be clearly be seen that EBooks are better than printed ones in the essay below.

EBooks have been preferred over printed books for quite a number of reasons. To begin with, some people prefer eBooks because they have a portability advantage as opposed to printed books. These users point out that with the availability of tools such as computers, it makes it easy to read as many eBooks as possible providing a portability advantage with them. Carrying printed books can prove difficult at times with some finding it hard to travel with them as they become too heavy to carry says Anderson et.al (2004). Therefore, eBooks provide an easy way of enhancing portability by giving room to its readers to access as many books as possible without feeling the pain of being heavy to carry.

Secondly, EBook users prefer them because they come in forms that are convenient. In the event that a person has a stable Wi-Fi connection, they can go ahead to read any kind of book they wish. As opposed to printed books that may need a person to visit a bookshop or travel long distances to gain access, eBooks simply need one to type the title and author and access the book (Ryer, 2006). This convenie...

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little platforms that are likely to cause distractions. Majority of readers using printed books end up gaining much as the level of attention is relatively high due to little distractions.

Even though eBooks may have disappointed its users in some aspects, the merits that they have brought are something good to feel proud about. The world is largely growing and inventions in technology make it necessary to have devices that will enhance the comfort of the people concerned. The same applies to books in that when reading, it is good to have tools that will make things easier. However, people should not dwell so much on the excitements and comfort brought by technology and forget what is important to read. It is good to ensure that reading skills and other important reading procedures are gotten. This has clearly shown that eBooks are better to use than printed books.

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