Essay on The Ebola Virus : The Epidemic Of West Africa

Essay on The Ebola Virus : The Epidemic Of West Africa

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Taking the lives of innocent civilians, the Ebola virus has caused a prominent uproar in West Africa. “Ebola was identified in 1979, yet has reestablished itself upon the African nation over the past two years” (Baker, N. Pag.). This disease has a ninety percent mortality rate with no vaccine to control the outbreak (Zavis N. Pag.). With over ten thousand deaths worldwide, the primary symptoms of this disease include: fever, abrupt weakness, muscle pain and sore throat. (Hodgekiss, par. #). Although researchers are unclear of how this outbreak occurred, they have pinpointed an incident involving a young boy, around the age of two, which was said to be playing near a large, open tree in 2013. Inside this tree lived a family of fruit bats, which are known for carrying Ebola. As the young boy was playing around by the remnants of the tree where the bats lived, the virus latched on the boy. This is the first case in which the Ebola disease started to spread; the boy, unknowingly, brought it back to his family, before he experienced death. Not soon after the boy’s death, did the rest of the family not only pass the virus onto others, but died shortly after. (Zavis, N. Pag.) Ebola was spread from animal to human host in Guinea and progressed through other countries of West Africa. Travelling families in poverty were a major part of the spreading of this virus. Families would gather in crowded shanties, which lacked toilets. Because of the lack of sanitation and toilet use, bodily fluids would saturate the ground, causing them to mix with streams when it rained outside. Innocently, the virus was carried to two other major countries in Africa: Sierra Leone and Liberia. The spread could not be contained because of the illiteracy of the adu...

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...isease which is not completely contained. Patients have to fight to stay healthy and beat the incurable disease (“Ebola is not Over”, N. Pag.). Relapse of this deadly disease would repeat the madness of the poor countries and strike harder than the previous. The economy would not sustain the outbreak of another plague and would easily plummet to the ground, causing a large problem to fix. The cause of the disease may have only affected one young boy, but the effects are substantial compared to the introduction of the virus. Deaths were taken from innocent people as they caught the disease by accident. The spread of the disease were caused by the violent actions taken by the African countries. Other Nation’s generosity helped aid the number of patients try to get better and survive. The final effect of Ebola was the lockdowns and shutdowns of facilities and companies.

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