Eating Unhealthy And Unhealthy Obesity Essays

Eating Unhealthy And Unhealthy Obesity Essays

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People living in the United States are known for eating unhealthy. More than one-third of adults in United States are struggling with obesity. People need to know how important it is to eat healthy food and avoid obesity in their lives. To be healthy, people need to control what they are eating and be active. There are three things that are causing people in United States to eat poorly and unhealthy. Lack of time to cook, expense of food, and dining out rather than staying at home to eat are reasons to eating unhealthy.
Eating healthy is not easy for people because of the time. People living in the US go to work roughly 40 hours a week for a full time job. Working 40 hours a week means working five days a week and having two days of break. For example, if a person works 8 hours a day, he or she is going to be tired at the end of the day. This causes person to eat fast food or delivery food. Williams said, “Somewhere along the way, cooking went from being something that normal Americans just did, on a daily basis, to something we instead watch as a gladiator sport on t...

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