Essay on Eating Nutritious Food For Kids

Essay on Eating Nutritious Food For Kids

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American philosophy thus far has been to educate children once they have entered into the school system. From cute cartoon vegetables, to flashy internet games, hoping to convey the importance of eating nutritious food to kids, there have been many attempts to influence what American children are eating. According to a 2007 USA TODAY article by Martha Mendozab who is an Associated Press writer and has won a Pulitzer Prize for her work in investigative journalism, the Associated Press reviewed 57 government programs dedicated to nutrition education. Just four showed any real promise, and had a lasting impact in the child participants ' diets. All of this for the small sum of one billion dollars of taxpayer money spent by the Federal Government in 2007. This does not include the millions of dollars spent by private foundations and charities whose goal is to provide children with educating about nutrition. These programs are failing, because at the age of five, children are long past their most trainable and impressionable years when it comes to nutrition. There is a parental gap in knowledge that must be addressed in regards to feeding and training children to love their fruits and vegetables. It is possible, and we can shape American children 's future to be a healthier one if we focus on educating parents about childhood nutrition so that they can set up their own children for success.
Substantial progress has been made in our nation 's school system to provide healthy and nutritious lunches, for a considerable number of young American 's that may be the only nutritious meal that they will consume each day. In any given school day, parent 's are responsible for providing the other two meals, but often fail to present...

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...years, I have had many experiences with both WIC and EBT. One thing that is certain is that parents who use WIC, only buy nutritious food. The program only allows them to purchase nutritious products, but EBT families predominately buy junk food. This is not to stereotype every EBT user, but the vast majority of those whom I observed making purchases through EBT were buying chips, soda, candy, cookies, and even energy drinks. While they have a right to buy those items under the rules of the EBT program, it shows a great need for education and perhaps restrictions as to what should and can be purchased. We cannot have one part of our government spending one billion dollars to educate children about nutrition, and another facet of it enabling families to buy food devoid of any nutritional value. This seems counter productive to our end goal of a healthy America.

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