Eating Issues in Schools: A Journal Analysis Essay

Eating Issues in Schools: A Journal Analysis Essay

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Eating issues among young adults has been a problem that has been addressed for years, with efforts by school counselors to prevent and to help those that have been diagnosed with these disorders. This article covers anorexia and bulimia and how it affects young adults. It also provides information on a continuum of severity, including recommendations at each level for intervention and consultation according to research done by Jennifer Maskell Carney and Heather Lewy Scott. This article is interesting to me because I am currently raising two young girls who often feel that they are overweight. I notice how they idolize certain individuals such as Beyonce, whom they would consider to be the ideal size. What I would like to take away after reading this journal is information on how to detect eating disorders, and I also hope this journal will let me know how schools are addressing this important issue.
This article’s purpose is to provide school counselors with a resource for assessing and managing eating issues in the schools, including when and how to consult with outside human service professionals. A recent epidemiological research indicates that the highest incidence of anorexia nervosa occurs in females between the ages of 15 and 19. (keski-Rahkonen et al.,2007) The highest documented cases of bulmia occur in females between the ages of 16 and 20. (Keski-Rahkonen et al.,2009) According to documentation by the CDC, 59.3% of girls and 30.5% of boys are trying to lose weight. Nearly 15% of girls and 7% boy’s verbalize that they have engaged in some type of diet within the last couple of months. (CDC 2010) It is evidenced by researchers that peers and counselors can detect these eating disorders at the onset because a signific...

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...he issue with the student. The article goes in depth on how this can be managed in a school-setting with both group and individual intervention. However, if there are any medical issues, a physician should be seen.
In conclusion, this journal caught my attention and did provide information on how schools can detect, manage and consult with individuals who suffer from a eating disorder. This journal also states how counselors should examine themselves about how they feel on pertaining to their own body image. It indicates that with the right training and consults with different allied health professionals students can receive the accurate amount of help they need when suffering from a eating disorder.

Works Cited

(2012). Eating Issues in Schools: Detection, Management, and Consultation with Allied Professionals. Journal of Counseling and Development, 90, 290-293.

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