Essay on Eating Hot Cheetos For Breakfast

Essay on Eating Hot Cheetos For Breakfast

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They say we are what we eat. We are the only ones to blame for. There are so many people who will feed their kids as long as they eat. When they get older the parents always blame the kids like it’s their fault but it’s really not. If the parents don’t want the kids to get bad eating habits then they shouldn’t introduce the food to them. How many parents for an easy way out of not cooking will give their kids fast food or anything that is microwavable. I know parents who feed their kids junk food just because there crying and hungry and won’t eat anything else.
My siblings and I grew up eating whatever we wanted. I was used to eating hot Cheetos for breakfast which I still do sometimes. We never had a weight problem till we got older. But just because we didn’t have child obesity doesn’t mean others didn’t get it. The percent in child obesity that were obese increased 7% in 1980 to 18% in 2012. As an adolescent I was never overweight either but my older sister didn’t run with same luck. My mom was never home either she was working or out with her friends. She always left...

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