Eating Gluten Free Diet Adherence Essay

Eating Gluten Free Diet Adherence Essay

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Freshman year of college began just like every other year for me, busy, boring, and filled with stomachaches. After every meal I ate, my stomach would feel as if I was being eaten from the inside out. Occasionally the pain would be so horrid that I would ball up into the fetal position and remain that way until the pain had passed. After months of enduring this, I finally went to the doctor. After much discussion, we determined that I had gluten intolerance. Intolerance is not as serious as coeliac disease; however, the treatment remains the same.
In their article “Predicting intention and behavior following participation in a theory-based intervention to improve gluten free diet adherence in coeliac disease” Sainsbury, Mullan and Sharpe (2015) explain that a firm diet excluding all gluten is the only remedy (p.1065). Learning this piece of information changed my life; the transition to eating gluten free not only affected my eating habits but my social life as well. I felt isolated from my friends and like a nuisance to everyone around me. Transitions are often difficult especially when the people I am close to are affected as well.
I learned from the very beginning that my environment, whether it was supportive or not, had a great impact on my adherence to the diet. Being at college where I had to eat in the cafeteria, which offered few gluten free selections, I had an unsupportive environment. Gonzalo Bacigalupe and Aleksandra Plocha’s (2015) study determined that an individual’s environment is a strong variable in the ability to follow a strict diet (p.49). I noticed a big difference in my ability to follow my diet when I was attending school and being home. At home, I had the support of my entire family and then at school m...

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...nd Mullan (2015) expound on the effects of resuming a gluten-filled diet once identified as coeliac or intolerant. The gluten may cause destruction inside the stomach that leads to the inability to absorb certain nutrients and cause gastrointestinal difficulties (p. 580). For some individuals the change in physical health after beginning the diet becomes enough of an incentive to make the overall modification to ones eating habit easier. If the coeliac patient has a supportive family or even others in their family with the same condition it would help as well. Having someone to go through it with tends to make the adjustment easier.
Learning that everything in my life had to change was difficult. The transition process was even harder. However, with the support of friends and family as well as personal motivation to adhere to a gluten free diet it became manageable.

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