Essay Eating Food And Its Effects On Our Lives

Essay Eating Food And Its Effects On Our Lives

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The majority of people view food as fuel to conduct our daily task and activities. The focal point food has extends beyond just energy for the body or a necessity for survival. Eating or not eating foods is a personal act in which we symbolically consume our identity. We are what we eat. It communicates to others our beliefs, culture, social background and experience; it shapes our outer appearance and our health. Eating food can swiftly change our moods, enhance academic performances and heighten concentration. Food gives people personality, which is a specific identity reflected in our values and relationships. Food resembles our families, religion, province, rituals and ethnicity. Food can either bring people together or set them apart. The role that food plays in shaping our identity are something we all share, but it is also something we use to set us apart from each other. People are overlooking the overall meaning food holds, therefore, people should be more aware that they are greatly defined by the choices in our food and how it constructs our identity.
Sitting together for family meals help construct children’s personal growth into adulthood. Many families believe that family meals are time to converse or reconnect with family and friends. Family dinner means turning off all distractions like the television or cellular devices and instead engage in qualitive time with loved ones. In Journal of Marriage and Family, Musick and Meier believe that the type of people who engage in family meals reflects the children’s mental health, substance use, and delinquency. Research also shows that family dinners are linked to lower levels of depressive symptoms. Evidence suggests that people who attend family meals consumes healthier ...

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...ey, a loaf of honey ham, mashed sweet potatoes, and side vegetables. Whereas, Latinos would drench their turkey with mole sauce, have steamed tamales, elotes, and of course a lot of tequila. In an Asian household, one may have peking duck or roasted pork served with steamed buns and hoisin sauce. People from different backgrounds have their own unique methods of preparation, techniques, ingredients and rituals. These variations to foods are used to retain their cultural identity. People frequently associate certain foods to countries, ethnicity or religion. For example, pizza is a Italian dish or tamales and tacos is a traditional Mexican dish. Although food traditions vary throughout the world, even people among similar cultural, their eating habits are not identical. Food communicates our own personal stories, it shows our childhood, our ancestors and our origins.

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