Eating Disorders : Risk Factors Essay

Eating Disorders : Risk Factors Essay

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Christine Larsen
Professor Shawn Dunnagan
HLTHST 207 – Nutrition
4 June 2015
Eating Disorders: Risk Factors
Eating disorders take different forms and can affect people in different ways. In a research paper titled “Social Risk Factors Related To Eating Disorders In Women,” Alejandro Magallares explains that “eating disorders (ED) can be defined as a disturbance of eating behavior that results in the altered consumption of foods and that affects physical health and psychosocial functioning” (148). The most common eating disorders are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. In addition to these two, other diagnoses of eating disorders include binge eating disorder and eating disorder NOS (not otherwise specified). Although these disorders are all based on thoughts and actions regarding food consumption and elimination, there are specific characteristics of each. Anorexia nervosa is characterized by a prolonged severe restriction of caloric intake, usually accompanied by extreme amounts of physical activity. Bulimia nervosa, on the other hand, is characterized by periods of restricted eating followed by binging and ultimately purging. Binge eating disorder, though similar to bulimia, does not typically include purging, and generally includes binges of much larger proportions (people afflicted by this disorder routinely consume thousands of calories during a single binge). A person afflicted with an eating disorder NOS may exhibit one or more of these traits but doesn’t meet all the criteria for any one category. Although there are different names for the different forms of eating disorders, they are all harmful to the body, both physically and emotionally.
As can be imagined, the behavior of someone with an eating disorder is damagin...

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...hletes engage in disordered eating behaviors may be that they and their coaches have embraced unsuitable weight standards” (253). But where have these unsuitable standards come from? A sad fact is that much of this information is found and perpetuated online. Modern society makes significant and harmful contributions to the problem of eating disorders. 
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