Eating Disorders As A Whole, Despite Constantly Searching Comparing Anorexia And Bulimia

Eating Disorders As A Whole, Despite Constantly Searching Comparing Anorexia And Bulimia

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There seems to be a lack in research regarding the 3 main eating disorders as a whole, despite constantly searching comparing anorexia and bulimia. According to the DSM – 5 they are similar, because they each have chronic eating issues that lead to a distorted physical and social view, yet different, because of their procedures, features, and treatments. These chronic eating issues can be caused by the overvaluation of eating, body shape, and weight, and the need to judge one’s self.
Another issues is that even though its known that anorexia and bulimia patients place an emphasis on body shape and weight this characteristic is not acknowledged in self – evaluations for binge eating patients and current research is being done to prove why it should be.
Recent studies have shown that coping mechanisms are what cause and maintain the disorder. The key characteristics that are highlighted: feeling inferior, flawed, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Proof has been found that they place too much emphasis on social rank and self-comparisons to others regarding their body that tend to be very harsh. However, its seen as a way of keeping themselves in check in order to reach their social value of thinness to move up the social ranking and feel wanted and praised by society, which can cause emotional distress, inferiority, and feeling flawed, which results in shame.
Shame is related to what is known as a “psychopathological condition” such as depression and research has shown that it’s a key factor in keeping the eating disorders running that leads to maladaptive eating habits, which has shown to increase the need for self control and feeling as if they lack validation. Unfortunately, there has yet to be any research regarding the connec...

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... with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, another weakness can be found regarding the gender of the subject sample. Why did they only account for female patients? Was gender difference not relevant enough to be added in into the study? As a result this may limit diversity.
In regards to the discussion the first half of the article is more or less just a summary of what was being studied along with affirming their results as being correct. However, I do have a problem with the first half of the discussion, because they waited until the very end of the article to say what the purpose of the BMI and age range was. Why wasn’t this revealed in earlier sections such as the results or the introduction section of the article? Another weakness is that they never mentioned why they needed to know the martial status or the years of education, what purpose did this information show?

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