Essay on Eating Disorders Are Many Different Things

Essay on Eating Disorders Are Many Different Things

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Eating disorders are very serious medical conditions and at times can be life threating. They affect a person’s emotions as well as their physical health. Due to society and other mental factors a woman may feel fat and ugly because she is not a certain size or because she does not look like the image of what society and other media factors think they should look like. Millions of people try to lose weight daily and it gets out of control and may lead to an eating disorder. There is up to twenty four million people who suffer from some type of eating disorder.
What causes eating disorders are many different things. People have a distorted body image of themselves. Like when they think they are overweight but are actually thin. Some studies show that women who have a sibling or parent who suffers from an eating disorder they are genetically vulnerable to an eating disorder. These disorders mainly affect women. They affect more than twenty percent of females between the age of thirteen and forty. They don’t affect men as much because women are more concerned with their body images. Eating disorders are more prominent in teenagers as they start to mature and grow into their bodies. Many people who suffer from eating disorders also suffer from low self-esteem, helplessness, and displeasure about the way they look. It’s said that people who have anorexia tend to be perfectionists and those with bulimia are impulsive. They may be teased about their bodies by friends and family which make them turn to the eating disorders. Trauma such as rape, abuse, or death may trigger an eating disorder. Even happy events can trigger an eating disorder. Anything stressful can change the way an individual sees their own body image. Media also pays ...

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...theory approaches, it is known to treat eating disorders. They are also, using brain imaging and genetic studies in order to provide clues for how each person may respond to specific treatments for these medical illnesses. This is a great tool because it can be specifically targeted for that certain person and their needs. It can take many years to recover from an eating disorder.
Any eating disorder is dangerous. With the instant access to media and magazines, children have instant access to those who they look up to and who they want to emulate. Because of these factors, eating disorders have become more main stream than ever and figuring out a way to be just like the models they see in magazines, television, or movies becomes their goals. Society needs to teach these children and young adults that beauty is not in perfection but in being who they are, as they are.

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