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Eating Disorders And Young Adult Adults Essays

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There are now a reported 12 million Americans reporting symptoms of an eating disorder, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa, as per the National Association of Eating Disorders. In addition, millions more admit to struggling with binge-eating, purging type disorders. In a review of the most recent international research findings pertaining to eating disorders, two significant trends emerge: Firstly, that eating disorders and disordered eating attitudes and behaviours are becoming increasingly prevalent, not only among women in western societies, but amongst diverse adolescent and young adult populations across cultural and racial boundaries This paper will review eating disorders among different ethnic groups, with emphasis on females and demonstrate that eating disorders are now affecting ethnic groups not typically identified with the neurosis to an equal or in some categories greater severity.
Little is known about how childhood body dissatisfaction coalesces into adolescent eating disorder behaviors and cognitions in boys and girls, though short-term prospective studies have proposed high stability of body dissatisfaction across age categories. Historically, eating disorders were thought to occur principally among white adolescent and young adult females, within the upper socioeconomic classes, who resided in socially competitive environments. For these young females, coping with feelings of self esteem, happiness, and success were reinforced to a large degree by slimness (body measurements and percentage of body fat) aspects that have marginal or no association with personal contentment and success in the long term. (Garner & Kearney 2006) Until recently, the documentation has been lacking in less developed count...

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...insight into the extent of eating related problems in developing societies, such as Central and Latin America, Africa and other areas of the developing world. It is important to note that when considering these studies the methodology used in identifying an individual ethnic group. Racial groups are not an all-inclusive classification, as there are many variables that must be taken into consideration. The terms “Hispanic” “African” and “African- American” cover groups that can differ widely in linguistic, historical, educational and generational backgrounds. Nevertheless, this paper in reviewing these studies can conclude that the proposition that eating disorders are principally reserved to a Western Caucasian phenomenon is false and the evidence suggests that eating disorders are as much as or more of a problem in developing nations and different ethnic classes.

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