Eating Cheap And Unhealthy Food Stereotype Essay examples

Eating Cheap And Unhealthy Food Stereotype Essay examples

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Imagine living every day without enough money for basic needs like food. Then add studying for exams, three to four-hour labs, and four to five 1 hour long lectures to the top of that… This is what some university students go through every day. After paying tuition, students barely have enough money to buy food for the rest of the term. A sociological study was done to see if students actually experience food insecurity like the university stereotype proposes. She found some great results that bring up the idea that food insecurity is a cultural phenomenon that has both physical and emotional effects but could have been improved with an anthropological approach.
An Acadia University sociologist professor named Lesley Frank recently conducted a sociological survey. This study was done to develop a better understanding of the university students eating cheap and unhealthy food stereotype. Lesley Frank sent out a mass email to all of her students asking them to respond to her survey. She was soon smothered with responses and feedback from her students. Many of these responses clearly depicted the horrifying details of what it is like to live without food security.
Food security is a difficult thing to define because many people have different opinions on what is should and should not include; however, the World Health Organization has a broad definition of what it should be. They say that food security is composed of three different and key ideas: food availability, food use, food accessibility. The idea of food availability is that nutritious food is available to everyone while the idea of food accessibility is the idea that everyone has enough resources, like money and transportation, to obtain the nutritious food. The idea of foo...

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...y affected students in university. The results were outstanding and terrifying. A great number of students felt the effects of food insecurity and the number was even higher when looking at students living off campus. This study further suggested that the hegemonic idea that university students live off of cheap food was true. This study also suggests that people take these hegemonic ideas and use them to influence students in negative ways that have both physical and emotional effects. Using these results and combining it with Geertz’s theory about culture, the proposition that food insecurity is a cultural phenomenon that has physical and emotional effects. This proposition could have been supported even more with an academic anthropological approach instead of using the sociological approach; however, this could result in a more ethical and moral challenging study.

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