Eating Behaviors ( First 2 Day Diet Record ) Essay example

Eating Behaviors ( First 2 Day Diet Record ) Essay example

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• Review your initial eating behaviors (first 2-day diet record) and compare them to how you are eating now, compare both the food groups and the nutrients (vitamins, minerals and essential fats)

I am able to see progress in my diet after comparing my food & calories reports and my nutrients reports from the beginning of my project to now. My food and calories report during the week have change the to point that I am over my grains, which I fall under during the initiation of the program; in addition, I am in a good condition with my fruit intake and most of my other fruit groups are under the required amount, but only by an small amount. However, during the week I still have problems with my vegetables, I ate less vegetables than in the initial report, but overall I think that I am eating more vegetables during the week than before.

Now, the weekend is were I find the most progress because I am making time to eat before and during work. Initially, I was under every food category when it came to my calorie intake during the weekend; however, now I am doing excellent during the weekend to the point that I am eating approximately the exact amount for each food group. For example, I am only ½ under my vegetables needs for the day and 1-¼ cups for my dairy. Nonetheless, I also found that because I am in the holiday season I am eating more calories than I should; for instance, I am adding around 400 calories from to my diet during the weekend.

In addition I am having progress when it comes to my nutrient reports. During the week I am still under my potassium and calcium intake, but the other minerals, like zinc, magnesium and copper, are not under or over my required intake. Now, I am still under the my vitamins; I was under some of...

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...t any habits to the way they were before the project because I feel better now. I began losing weight just by doing the project, which makes me feel good. In addition, I feel better about the things I am eating; I am cooking more, avoiding fast food and eating smaller portions. I think I will stay making my new habits better and not go back to my precious ones.

• How has the project affected your nutrition?

The project has affected my nutrition in the aspect of preparing my foods, eating more but smaller portions, avoiding eating fast food, making sure I am getting enough calories and balancing eating food from all food groups. I found the project hard, it was hard making sure that I eating what I needed to improve, keeping track of my calories and foods and sometimes not eating bad things I like, but at the end I feel healthier and able to make a diet correctly.

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