Eating At Mcdonald 's A Greasy And Unhealthy Food Essay

Eating At Mcdonald 's A Greasy And Unhealthy Food Essay

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McDonald’s is known for its greasy and unhealthy food, but many disagree that McDonald’s is to blame for people, particularly children, being overweight. Schlosser creates this image that McDonald’s is to blame for the escalated weight of people, specifically Americans. In this article, Schlosser ignores the multiple other causes of obesity. Many people are overweight due to health issues and prescribed medications that can cause increased weight gain. Schlosser is so focused on his view of McDonald’s being bad that he does very little to address the other causes and factors for weight gain. Eating at McDonald’s is more about personal choice, parenting and lifestyle issues. Americans choose not to exercise, and they choose to play video games instead of participating in actual sports; they eat McDonald’s instead of healthy and homemade meals. If a governing body wants to restrict McDonald’s on the basis that it is not healthy, what else will they restrict? It is a slippery slope. Dietary change must be made through better parenting and self-motivation. Schlosser ignores other reasons for obesity and the effects they have on culture and children. There is a necessity for changing the culture in a way that self-motivation and active parenting are essentials to a healthy lifestyle.
Understandably, children adopt the habits of their parents; they are natural role models. A child who has overweight parents who consistently eat high-calorie foods and remain inactive will likely become overweight as well. However, if the family eats healthy foods and is physically active, the child 's chance of being overweight substantially decreases. This is not to say that all people who eat at McDonald’s are overweight, but that there is a balan...

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...heir lifestyle. McDonald’s is not the issue as Schlosser states; the issue is that society is not willing to put in an effort and change. People may complain, but they do not make an effort to modify their lifestyle.
Throughout Schlossers essay, he argues that the reason for obesity is solely that of McDonald’s; the restaurant itself is the one to blame. That claim is not true. “Obesity has been linked to heart disease, colon cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, infertility and strokes.” All of these can’t be blamed one restaurant chain. McDonald’s may be known for unhealthy foods, but there is a balance and a personal responsibility between eating unhealthy and expecting to lose weight and knowing you are not eating healthy and working out to maintain a healthy weight. It is every American’s choice to eat healthy or not.

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