Essay about Eating Animal Products And Meat

Essay about Eating Animal Products And Meat

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“Open your lunch boxes! Let me see that lunch kids, don’t hide” Something you would hear every single day during school before going to recess, the teachers shouted those words to check our lunchboxes to see if our mothers where sending us a complete and “balanced” meal. Everyone lined up to show that they had their portions of vegetables, fruit, a form of carbohydrates and of course, the most important one, your protein. It could be from a ham and cheese sandwich to a small milk box, but you needed to have those animal products. If your lunchbox didn’t include all of these items they would send a note back to your parents saying that they were not feeding their children properly.

Until a few months ago I used to believe all of this was correct, that eating animal products and meat was the best choice for your health not only because they provided the right amount of protein and nutrients but also because these products “are” fundamental in the human diet.

I grew up in a family were meat was a must in the table, I used to eat all sorts of animal products; chicken, fish, cow, cheese, you name it; I’ve had it. We would have eggs, salmon, yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, chicken and vegetables for lunch and fish for dinner. This was all very normal for me; it was the usual. Anyone that didn’t eat this way was considered weird and unhealthy.

The constant bombarding of food advertising; the new McDonald’s hamburgers on TV, the newspaper with reduced prices of meat and poultry, cooking channels with rich recipes to nourish your family, and more also made me believe that meat was a must, that without it you weren’t eating a proper diet.

One day I woke up in my room and my skin was different, it was red and I had an allergic reacti...

... middle of paper ...


After educating myself, I realized that we need to listen to our body and pay attention to what it actually wants. I believe that eating a plant based diet that includes grains, fruits and vegetables, is what your body needs. I now not only see food as something delicious, but also as energy and fuel. I have been on this lifestyle for a few months and I see the difference in my skin, I don’t have allergies anymore and I feel healthier and more alive. I also don’t feel disgusted and extremely full when I eat in abundance. I can’t wait to see how my body will feel and change after a year. Now I can actually say that there are so many benefits of this lifestyle. Although I am not saying I will never eat chicken or fish in my life again, I believe the best thing for your body is to avoid animal products and fuel your body with abundant plant based nutrients.

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Essay about Eating Animal Products And Meat

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