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Eat Local, Eat Organic Essay

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Eat Local, Eat Organic
70% of UCSB students live off campus—which means that a great number of us need to concern about the question: “what should I eat for dinner?” Among a host of food choice, one called “local and organic food” is advocated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Although surprisingly amount of us, including me a few months ago, do not understand the true meaning behind it. Common sense seems to dictate that “organic food is more expansive than normal one” and “organic food is provided only for high-income consumers”. (Those two common sense would change after survey result come out) However, the truth is much more than that: the process of growing organic food “preserving natural resources and biodiversity,” “supporting animal health and welfare” (according to USDA website), and buying local food will boost regional economic development. We all know that California’s drought, soil salinization and air pollution are deteriorating in recent years. Thus it is necessary for us to make moves to conserve our natural resources and take care of the Golden State. Also, since no synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation and genetic engineering being used for the product, organic food might be better for our health compared to normal food. Furthermore, the In my research project, I want to provide ways for UCSB students to buy local organic food and advocate our campus to eat organically. In other words, my topic is: How could UCSB students eat local and eat organic?
I trust the value of my research because as a second-year student who just moved out from the dorm, I’m eager to find a healthier, easier and higher efficient way to feed myself. Based on Isla Vista’s great population, there must ...

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...c foods.

According to by CDFA, the extended drought makes organic dairies 's life harder because there are less and more expensive water and forage to feed their milk cows as well as USDA organic program has a "requirements of a minimum of 120 days on posture". CDFA 's point of the drought puts organic food industry in a rigorous situation is extremely important and interesting because the principle of organic agriculture is to preserve water and land. Thus even it 's more and more harder to produce organic food and the price of organic food might even increase a little bit, the only solution to alleviate the drought is to continue produce and consume food that is being grown organically. 
I advocate UCSB students buying more local and organic food because it is not only good for or local and global environment and economics but also makes us healthier.

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