Eat Genetically Modified Food : It 's Not Bad For You Essay

Eat Genetically Modified Food : It 's Not Bad For You Essay

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Go Ahead- Eat Genetically Modified Food. It’s Not Bad For You. written by Ryan Bethencourt is an online article supporting the use of GMO foods. He supports his article by referencing a scientific paper, An overview of the last 10 years of genetically engineered crop safety research by Nicolia et al., that reviews 10 years of peer-reviewed papers and scientific data over the safety of GMO crops. The conclusion by Bethencourt is the intake of GMO produce has not been proven harmful to humans; therefore, people should not be scared of GMOs (Bethencourt, 2015).
The use of GMOs in agriculture has been a debate since before the first GE crop was introduced in 1996 (Nicolia et al., 2013). Genetically modified organisms were designed to improve our way of life by making production of crops and other foods easier, more efficient and less expensive. The steps to creating a GMO, according to African Biosafety Network of Expertise, are isolation of the gene(s) of interest, insertion of the gene(s) into a transfer vector, plant transformation, selection of the modified plant cells, regeneration into whole plants via tissue culture, verification of transformation and characterization of the inserted DNA fragment, testing of plant performance, and safety assessment (ABNE, 2015). Some consumers believe GMOs do exactly what they were created to do, as stated above; lower production costs, more efficient production, etc. While other consumers have concerns about GMOs are risks to human health, risk to the environment, and opposing our right to know (GMO inside, 2012).
Bethencourt correctly portrayed what Nicolia et al. were conveying in their scientific paper. Nicolia et al. found through the analyzes of peer-reviewed papers and scientific da...

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...ously, is known for giving GMOs a negative persona (Jo, 2013).
After researching GMOs and articles discussing different points of view, there seems to be an overwhelming support towards no scientific evidence being found proving GMOs as harmful. In articles for and against GMOs, there were no scientific papers found discussing multiple studies proving GE crops and products harmful to humans. Articles written against GMOs all mentioned Monsanto. Monsanto gives the GMO industry a bad name and consumers are now connecting GMO products to Monsanto products. As with every industry, there are some companies who choose to cut corners and not follow regulations to keep consumers safe; in the GMO industry, Monsanto is one of those companies. Bethencourt correctly interpreted cited papers when he expressed there being no evidence found urging consumers to avoid GMO products.

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