Easy Jet Plc: Company Overview Essay

Easy Jet Plc: Company Overview Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to analysis the easyJet plc about the company’s operation performance, financial status and the ability to control different risks. To achieve the aim, the investigation of the essay will include the following parts: the introduction of the company, the financial trends during the last 5 years, the method about how does the company do their globalization, and how does the company manage the risks that along with the globalization. Finally, the recommendation will be given to the company.

easyJet plc(easyJet) is a company which headquartered in Luton and provides point to point air services in the UK as well as in the most countries of Europe. easyJet operates more than 600 routes serving 130 airports across 30 countries. The company was established in 1995 and by the end of 2013, it has over 8,446 employees.
The total turnover of the fiscal year 2013 of easyJet plc is £4,258,000, and this number is combined by the turnover of UK, which is £1,971,000 and the turnover of exports which is £2,287,000.
easyJet plc is a successful company which the market valve is £6,796.39 million and it belongs to the travel& leisure sector on the London stock exchange market. Based on the chart that has been found on the internet, it is easy to notice that this industry performed well during 2013 to 2014 because the share price was on the rise.
Figure 1: Performance of travel and leisure sector for the last one year

To figure out how was the easyJet plc’s performance, some important financial trends should be gathered and noticed.
For the last 5 years, the asset turnover of easyJet has increased by 0.19, form 0.79 at 2009 to 0.98 at 2013. This shows th...

... middle of paper ...

...ate risks and the country and political risks during 2013 cannot be found. The improvement of annual report can help annalists be clearer with the company’s position and attract more investors.
Third, a comprehensive long-term risk management should be set-up. Airline industry is facing a lot of uncertainties; the easyJet plc should establish a department which focuses on dealing and preventing the long-term risks that could happen in the future.

As a company which listed on the London stock exchange market, easyJet has become a famous and successful company in the Europe, even in some non-EU countries. But even so, easyJet still have some weakness and risks to handle, especially in the area of exchange risks and political risks. As a company that operates in so many countries, some prevention action should be done by the company as soon as possible.

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