Eastern Media and Its Terrific Reach On The Rest of The World Essay

Eastern Media and Its Terrific Reach On The Rest of The World Essay

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With the age of technology having increasing control upon all of humanity, it is often hard to disagree these days over the extent to which cultures have a certain influence upon a global audience. The global phenomenon that is East Asian culture has a large authority on many other cultures. It seems to be that, what Edward Said referred to as, ‘the other’ has a large impact on the rest of the world. Globalization is an occurrence that is fed by this otherness upon most of the world. Anywhere from economic impact to media, East Asia has a major impression on the rest of the world. In the times to come, East Asia is going to grow and expand to have even more of a bearing on the rest of the world. The days of a seemingly inconsequential East Asia populace is in the past and is being replaced with a superpower that cannot be suppressed. In particular, Kung Fu cult movies and Indian media has an unmaintainable effect on the rest of the world; their otherness is both attractive and effective for reaching this global audience.
Globalization is a lexicon of many definitions and characterizations. “Globalization is a complicated process of various “political, economic and cultural flows” among the global, the national, and the local, and therefore may not make everybody equally happy” (Berry, Liscutin, and Mackintosh 103). This belief is due to Polish sociologist, Zygmunt Bauman and is a definition that many tend to agree with. Globalization is something that connects many cultures together with the link of cultural or economic influence. The nations of the world are increasingly being interconnected each and everyday. At the supermarket, an individual can find many ethnic cuisines within reach. The ability to buy products from around th...

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