Eastern Cultures : Healing Powers : The Western Cultures ' Greatest Asset

Eastern Cultures : Healing Powers : The Western Cultures ' Greatest Asset

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The Eastern Cultures’ Healing Powers: The Western Cultures’ Greatest Asset
Quick Fix culture and the Attitude Adjustment Culture
The Western Culture focuses on two methods of healing: chemically engineered compounds and surgical procedures. For instance, in the United States, individuals have the option of antidepressants with or without the aid of cognitive therapy(Selhub 2007) Most individuals choose the quick approach due to its alluring quick fix scheme. These contrasts different from the Eastern Culture’s main focus: the power of the mind and the energy from within: mind, body, and soul. The effects of Eastern Culture’s approach have been proven to be enduring and beneficial to the individuals involved. The Western Culture would greatly benefit by including the Eastern Culture’s healing methods into the lives of patients.

The mind and body: The beginning
The beginning of separation between the Western and Eastern cultures started in the 16th century .The mind and body was thought to be one in the 16th century; interacting with each other, being co-players that worked together to create the individual. In the 17th century, Rene Descartes went to the Catholic Church and made a deal: scientists could work with the man’s body while the church explored the mind and spirit. This event in history changed the way Physicians looked at the mind and body for centuries.

Western Culture: Body minus Mind
The western culture views the mind and body as two separate pieces of the puzzle. The western culture divides health from disease and puts emphasis on the body the western culture considers outside forces as only one factor ( Tsuei 1978). Emotional stress and internal disruptions are not considered to play a major role when decidin...

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...tion to stay the same. The Western Culture has never been one to be open to change.

Coming Together for Wellness

The Western Culture would greatly benefit from the use of the Eastern Cultures view towards health. Thousands of people in the Eastern Culture have received relief from pain and numerous health problems. One of the major reliefs comes in the form of learning. Individuals are taught to control pain through the mind. Individuals have also received relief from diseases that were once thought to be incurable. If individuals can learn to control the mind then individuals will have the power to control the body. Consumption of prescription may initially relieve the physical symptoms but when the medication is removed, the pain comes back. The eastern culture attempts to remove the stain beyond the top surface while the western culture skims the top surface.

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